Incentivized Danogo Bond Early Adopter Program

What is Danogo Staking Bond?

After months of development, we're excited to introduce Danogo Staking Bond allowing Cardano users to enhance their yield by offering staking liquidity to borrowers participating in events like ISPOs, Catalyst Voting or strengthening their Staking Pools.

Danogo Staking Bond is a revolutionary loan agreement that enables non-custodial lending of staking rights. It's designed to empower both lenders and borrowers, offering a seamless and secure way to leverage your ADA holdings.

With Danogo Staking Bond, lenders can lock their ADA in a smart contract, while borrowers can attach their stake key for a specified duration. This allows borrowers to access staking rewards and benefits without compromising security or control.

Incentive Program

Accompanying the launch of Danogo Staking Bond, we're initiating our incentive program for early adopters on May 8th. $DANO will be airdropped for both Borrowers and Lenders who settle the transaction of creating Danogo Staking Bond.

The borrowers will receive 4 DANO tokens for every 1000 ADA borrowed per epoch while lenders receive 2 DANO tokens. Whether you're borrowing or lending for 2 epochs or multiple epochs, the rewards keep adding up.

For example:

Borrowing 1000 ADA for 2 epochs earns 8 DANO tokens.

Lending 1000 ADA for 2 epochs earns 4 DANO tokens.

Borrowing 2000 ADA for 3 epochs earns 24 DANO tokens.

Lending 2000 ADA for 3 epochs earns 12 DANO tokens.

Claim Your Tokens

The incentive program runs until August 31st, so all Danogo Staking Bonds created between May 8th and August 31st will be eligible for the incentive program. Tokens will be calculated for each epoch, and you'll be able to claim your airdrop in June.

Join the Revolution

Ready to double your benefit with Danogo Staking Bond? Join us on this journey with Danogo Staking Bond and unlock the full potential of your ADA holdings. Stay tuned for more updates and start earning rewards today!

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