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What is Danogo Staking Bond?

A Danogo Staking Bond is a loan agreement for non-custodial lending of staking rights to the Borrower.

A smart contract locks the lender’s ADA and allows a borrower to attach their stake key for a specified duration as long as conditions are met (interest paid)

Why choose Danogo Staking Bond?

Danogo provides an intuitive interface that connects lenders and borrowers through various Danogo Staking Bonds issued.

Borrowers quickly set up their loans, with FLEXIBLE conditions : ranging from loan terms, loan volumes to loan interest rates.

Lenders can also quickly provide Liquidity by specifying the requested yield and maturity date.

How do I Borrow Staking Rights?

Borrowers can borrow ADA Staking Right for the number of epochs they need, this ADA cannot be spent. Borrowers can choose the loan volume, loan duration (number of epochs) and loan interest flexibly based on their needs.

How can I borrow staking rights?

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Click on Borrow

  3. Enter your loan details:

    - Set the duration of loans in epochs (ex: 2 epochs)

    - Set the borrow interest rate you want to pay in percentage (ex: 5.33%)

    - Set the amount you want to borrow

    - Set the premium paid in epochs (The initial interest payment)

Can I repay interest in installments?

 YES. For bonds with durations greater than 10 epochs, borrowers may repay a minimum initial interest payment of 10 epochs, while the remaining interest can be paid later. However, the borrower must maintain a minimum interest buffer of 6 epochs. If not, the bond will incur a penalty.

When are Danogo Bond Tokens issued?

Danogo Bond tokens are issued instantly upon liquidity provision by lenders, even for partial matches, eliminating the need to wait for loans to be fully filled

Can I change the borrow request?

You can also update, cancel your borrow request anytime!

Is Danogo Bond Smart Contract audited?

YES. Danogo Bond Smart Contract is audited by Anastasia Labs.

Audit report : Danogo Staking Bond and Danogo Bond Dex