Build your DAO with Tempo

We make it easy for Decentralized organizations to build their community.

We provide a tool to help your organization have the fastest and most convenient voting.

Why Tempo?

Governance made easy

Making proposals and casting votes is a simple step-by-step process, with no barriers for members to join your organization.


We provide the simple step to build your DAO and members can join governance quickly because they’ll find anything they need on your website.


Tempo is free to create your DAO, and make proposals and votes. Your organization only pays the gas fee associated with the Cardano blockchain.

How Tempo works

Deploy your DAO on Tempo site

Start with setting up some governance rules for your organization. Embed Tempo on your website to bring Governance to your site.

Make proposals on your website

After gathering feedback from the community, the token holder can submit an

on-chain proposal.

Vote on proposals

Token holders have the power to vote on proposals and be a part of general


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