a Decentralized Exchange on CARDANO

Where users can list & trade Bonds permissionlessly without relying on any centralised party. 
Currently, Danogo only supports Optim Bond Token & Danogo Staking Bond, but will support new Bonds as the Cardano Defi market evolves.


Why should I try out Danogo?

Currently Bond Holders must wait till maturity to receive ADA back, so Danogo will help improve liquidity for Bond Holders.
If you have Ada but do not want to be locked up for 1 full year, you can buy Bond via Danogo and choose the duration suitable instead

Why another DeX?

Cardano already has a few DeX, but none of them is suitable for Bonds because the price of Bonds changes EVERY DAY as the Bonds accrue interest when they get nearer to the maturity date. Hence Danogo calculates dynamic Bond prices based on Yield & time to maturity rather than fixed spot prices like other DeX. Thus users will trade Bonds based on Yield & Maturity rather than spot price.