Borrow and lend ADA Delegation flexibly with Danogo Staking Bond.

Why choose Danogo Staking Bond?

Danogo aims to facilitate yield generation and efficient capital allocation in Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem. We aim to lower the barrier to entry into DeFi.

Our product has simple operations, and loan details such as duration and interest rates can be flexibly configured, benefiting both lenders and borrowers. It helps borrowers and lenders connect with each other quickly and easily.

What is Danogo Staking Bond?

A Danogo Staking Bond is a loan agreement for non-custodial lending of staking rights to Borrower from a pool of lenders. A smart contract locks lender’s ADA and allows a borrower to attach their stake key for a maximum duration as long as conditions are met (interest paid)

How do I Borrow ADA Delegation?

Borrowers can borrow ada delegation for the number of epoch they need it, this ADA cannot be spent. Borrowers can choose the loan volume, loan duration (number of epochs) and loan interest flexibly based on their needs. More details

How do I Lend ADA Delegation?

Lenders can provide liquidity by creating Buy Order(BID) and get higher APR than regular staking, the ADA will be locked if used by Borrowers. Lenders can choose a desired interest, volume, duration flexibly according to their needs. More details